Announcements & Updates


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Hello @everyone ! Major announcement! We have opened 8 extra retake servers!

Update KZ Climb

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Added new maps

Announcement The new VIP rank!

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We are soon to be releasing the new [MVP] rank! Let us know what kind of features you would like on the new rank @ For those who don't understand, this is a new VIP rank that is purchasable.

Announcement Get your verified role on discord!

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If you want to get your @Verified role on discord it is very simple! Just follow these steps!

#1 - Go here :

#2 - Connect your discord account

#3 That's it! It might take a couple of minutes for the role to actually pop in but it's worth the wait :D

Announcement New website!

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This website was originally supposed to release in may but got delayed heavily.

Announcement Bug fixed (New emote plugin)

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There were some bugs with the new plugin and they have been resolved. #1 - If you emoted in freezetime you could start moving and personally exit freezetime. #2 - You could spam emote too much. We have resolved this by making the cooldown on emotes 25 seconds and made it for CT's only.

Announcement New VIP system and features!

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Hello everyone! New VIP feature and VIP system! You can now purchase VIP quarterly @ (this will soon be changed to The system is now automatic so you don't need to contact us about your VIP Coming soon : Unbans and store credits that are purchasable from the new store NEW @VIP FEATURE Emotes
These emotes are for VIP's only and you can view all the dances from the video below (To use the command you type !emotes or go into the !vip menu)

Update New VIP Features! (Retakes)

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Hello everyone! I have added some features to the retake servers that I think you guys will like very much
I first of all remade the retake VIP Menu
And I added new custom weapon skins (!cw) such as :
CSS - AK47
CSS - Deagle
Fidget Spinner

Screenshot from the updated retake VIP menu

If you guys want to suggest more weapon skins please do so here

Have fun everyone :)

Update Retakes

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Added force buy and SMG rounds to Retake #5 (
If you wish to play on the normal one you can play on Retakes #4 (

Update Staff Tag Updates

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Members have been confused on how these ranks work so I will explain them as well and short detailed as I can.

Trial-Admin - Moderator
Admin - Administrator

Moderator is a new staff member that has joined the staff team and is in their trial period. They have the same permissions as administrators but cannot target higher ranked staff members.
Administrator is when you have completed your trial and you are a full staff member.

Head-Admins are the one that manage the staff and recruit new staff members, they get to decide whether moderators are a fit for the staff team or not.

Update Retakes Update

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- Optimized several spawn locations
- Removed several stuck spots on Mirage
- Removed stuck spot on Overpass

Update VIP updates

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We have made it so !gloves are only accessible by VIP's now!

Interested in purchasing VIP? Visit

Update KZ Climb Updates

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Updated the KZTimer version from 1.88 - 1.91

Fixed country tags on KZ Climb (NOPRE)